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Forksville General Store

Built in 1851


The Forksville General Store  
has withstood the test of time since the mid 1800's.  Built by  Sadler Rogers a year after he built the Forksville covered bridge, this building was originally constructed as an upholstery store for Sullivan County's once booming town. 

Since 1851, the building has hosted an array of businesses such as a barber shop, bakery, ice house, car garage, gas station and today a general store and restaurant where locals and tourists alike enjoy its rustic charm.

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Since moving from South Philadelphia and purchasing the property in 1999, Big Mike & Family have continued to renovate the building, including installing a steal support beam to maintain the well being of the old structure.  The dining room, located inside of the store front, was created by using old barn board which had been reclaimed from a local 1850's barn being torn down, and it's walls adorned with old Philadelphia photos to tie in Big Mike's roots and South Philly heritage. 
Although Forksville's Big Mike's is now primarily a famous cheesesteak & hoagie shop, the
 general store itself still carries a few camping supplies such as firewood, old fashioned candies, smore's supplies and souvenirs.

Not only does Forksville's Big Mike's Steaks & Hoagies offer indoor seating, but you also have the option to order take-out and dine at the outdoor picnic seating area located along the picturesque Loyalsock Creek. Dogs are welcome to the outdoor dining area and we also offer, "Puppy Bowls" on our menu for your furry friend to enjoy! 

Harold "Red" Grange, nicknamed "The Galloping Ghost", was born in Forksville, Pennsylvania on June 13th, 1903.  During his young childhood, Red's father moved the family to Illinois.

Grange was most  known for college and professional American football as halfback for the University of Illinois, and the Chicago Bears.  His signing with the Bears helped legitimize the National Football League. He was a charter member of both the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame. In 2008, Grange was named the best college football player of all time by ESPN, and in 2011, he was named the Greatest Big Ten Icon by the Big Ten Network.

Sadly, Grange developed Parkinson's disease in his last year of life and died on January 28, 1991 in Lake Wales, Florida.

Forksville's Big Mike's Steaks & Hoagies sits adjacent to one of the oldest covered bridges in Pennsylvania, and one of the three remaining covered bridges in Sullivan County itself. The Forksville Covered Bridge is a Burr Truss bridge and was built in 1850 by Sadler Rogers, who then went on to build the general store in 1851. The burr arch truss design is a combination of an arch and a multiple kingpost truss design, and was invented by Theodore Burr in 1804. This design, and the bridge's placement over the Loyalsock Creek, is credited with maintaining the integrity of the 170 year old landmark which is still in use to this day.

Many wooden bridges were covered during the 1800's to not only protect the wood from being weathered, but also to ensure safe passage for horse drawn carriages as many horses would spook easily crossing over rushing waterways.

The Loyalsock Creek has been known to flood, and although its rising waters have taken out entire steal bridges just down stream from the town, The Forksville Covered Bridge stands to be a true testament of architectural genius, being left unscathed by the fury of the creek.

big mike's celebrating
25 years in business!

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